Prof. Dr. Carles Carreras i Verdaguer 

PhD in Geography from the University of Barcelona - UB (1980). Founder and director of the Urban Trade Observatory - OCUB at the University of Barcelona, ​​he organized and published the Barcelona Commercial Atlas (2003) and the Barcelona Atlas (201) in collaboration with the Government of Catalonia.He has 73 articles published in Spanish and international journals and magazines. Since 1985 he has been the director of the Revista Catalã de Geografia. He serves as a member of editorial committees in Brazil, Italy, Spain and France.He served as director of institutional projects at the University of Barcelona in agreements with international universities, with emphasis on projects in Sarajevo (Bosnia - Herzegovina), São Paulo (Brazil) and Havana (Cuba). He headed the Department of Human Geography at the Faculty of History and Geography. He was Vice-Rector of International Affairs at the University of Barcelona - UB. In 2018 he became a member of “La Real Academia de Buenas Letras de Barcelona”.He is currently the founder and co-organizer of the International Seminar City, Commerce and Consumption, which in 2019 will celebrate its VI edition in the city of Buenos Aires under the general coordination of the Argentine committee of the working and research groups in Geography of Commerce and Geography of Consumption.He is currently founder and co-organizer of the International Seminar City, Commerce and Consumption.

Chiara Gadaleta

She graduated in Communication at Faculdade Armando Álvares Penteado and started her career in fashion as a model in 1992, parading in Paris, Milan and New York. She studied at the famous Studio Berçot in Paris where she graduated in styling and years later she worked as a teacher. Back in Brazil he specialized in styling and fashion images. She signed editorials in the main magazines in the market and gained prominence as creative director for major brands. In 2007 he founded the Movimento Ecoera with the mission of integrating the fashion, beauty and design markets with environmental, social, cultural and economic sustainability.

She was a presenter on the GNT channel, and commanded two seasons of the program “Menos É Demais” on the Discovery Home & Health channel. She is an ambassador for the UN Global Compact Brazil and uses her voice and image to spread sustainability both in corporate markets and in the third sector.




@ portalecoera.com.br


Profa. Dra. Suzana Barreto Martins

Designer, ergonomist, researcher in the area of ​​Design for Sustainability with an emphasis on Innovation, with Post-doctorate in Sustainable Design. Lecturer in the Design Department at the State University of Londrina - UEL. Coordinator of the research group Design, Sustainability and Innovation - DeSIn, focusing on developing solutions to the problem of textile waste based on a multidisciplinary and convergent approach between design, sustainability and innovation in materials, products, services and systems.

Guilherme Weege

CEO of the Malwee Group, one of the largest fashion companies in Brazil, recognized worldwide for its transparency and strong socio-environmental commitment. Graduated in Business Administration from FAAP, Harvard Alumni and with several specializations in Wharton, Insead and UCI, he has strong skills in negotiation, business planning, entrepreneurship and strategic planning. In 2005, he founded DESA - one of the largest renewable energy companies in the country - presiding over the company until its merger with CPFL Renováveis. Serial entrepreneur, he is currently an investor and advisor to several companies and startups such as Infracommerce, the largest full service ecommerce company in Brazil. Advisor to Endeavor Brasil and member of YPO (Young Presidents' Organization), he divides his time with social work and mentoring by young Brazilian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Janaína Stropp

Architect, graduated from PucCAmpinas (2002), with cultural exchange at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia - Spain. Since 1994, he has been involved in artisanal stamping on fabric and, since 2004, he took on art direction and product creation at EmeElle, a family company with 40 years of research in the manufacture of timeless and inclusive handmade women's clothing. He took several courses related to fashion, art, plus size fashion, costumes and behavior.

Fernando Valente Pimentel

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Abit from 2017, born in Rio de Janeiro, graduated in Economics and Business Administration from Faculdade Candido Mendes with specialization in Marketing. Operated in the Textile and Clothing Sector since 1977, both in the national and international markets. From 2005 to 2016 he held the position of Superintendent Director of the Brazilian Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry - Abit. He also holds the following positions: President of the Coalition for Trade Facilitation and CFB / CNI Barriers; Vice-President of CONSIN / CNI - Industry Sectoral Advisory Council; Member of the Council of ITMF - International Federation of Textile Manufacturers; Member of the Board of IAF - International Apparel Federation; Member of CAL / CNI - Permanent Thematic Council for Legislative Affairs; Member of CRT / CNI - Permanent Thematic Council for Labor Relations and Social Development; Member of the Sectorial Chamber of Cotton and Derivatives / MAPA; Member of COMTEXTIL - Committee on the Productive Chain of the Textile Industry, of the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo; Member of COPIN / CNI - Thematic Council for Industrial Policy and Technological Development; Consultant Member of CDMD - Fashion Law Commission of OAB / RJ; Member of CEMBRAR / CNI - Business Council Brazil-Argentina.

Profa. Dra. Annick Schramme

Academic director of Knowledge Network Creativity & Fashion Management at Antwerp Management School, where she is also responsible for the research production of the Knowledge Center Flanders District of Creativity and for a series of educational programs (masterclass cultural management, masterclass creative jumpers). In addition, she is the academic coordinator of the Master's in Culture Management and the Center for Knowledge, Management, Culture and Politics (Faculty of Applied Economics) at the University of Antwerp. In recent years, she has published on art policy in Flanders, creative industry, local cultural policy and creative city, heritage policy from an international perspective, cultural entrepreneurship, etc. Finally, the member / chairman of various councils and / or advisory committees in the cultural sector in Flanders and the Netherlands, such as the Royal Ballet / Royal Opera, the Flemish Literature Fund, the Flemish Children's Theater HetPaleis and the Strategic Advisory Council for Culture, Youth, Media and Sport of the Flemish Government and the Dutch Council for Culture.

Gustavo Narciso

Biochemical engineer graduated from USP and started his career as a business consultant focused on fashion retail at Cosin Consulting, worked with diversity and inclusion at C&A, founded the startup Incluser, and today he is the executive manager of Instituto C&A - philanthropic arm of the brand whose purpose is to strengthen vulnerable communities through fashion, acting in front of entrepreneurship and volunteering. Gustavo is also presenter and creator of The Very Black Show - YouTube channel for entertainment and interviews.

Profa. Dr. Reet Aus

She is a fashion designer, PhD professor at EKA - Estonian Academy of Arts and environmental activist, founder of the REET AUS COLLECTION® and THE UPSHIRT® brand. It is a pioneer in the field of industrial upcycling for fashion and has developed the UPMADE® certification, with the aim of transmitting its knowledge to brands and factories. Here are some of the awards that Reet won: One of the top 20 responsible leaders in northern Europe, chosen by Nordic Business Report (2017); Order of the White Star of Estonia, class V (2016); One of the 20 best women in the business area, as chosen by the Nordic Business Report (2015); Runner-up at I: COLLECT Award (2015); Runner-up at the European Business Awards for the Environment (2014); Woman of the Year (Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals of Estonia 2014); Notable Young Estonian (Junior Chamber International Estonia 2014);Ecological Company (Ministry of the Environment 2013); Civic Society Entrepreneur of the Year (Estonian 2013 Network of Nonprofits)

Profa. Dr. Lilyam Berlim
Consultant at SEBRAE RJ, PhD in Social Sciences from the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (2016). Master in Environmental Science from Universidade Federal Fluminense (2009). Specialist in Art and Education, by UCAM. Researcher at the Creative Economy Laboratory at ESPM, and at the Re-Lab Laboratory for Sustainable Practices at ESPM. Manager of the Contemporary Fashion Course in Paris, with "right to parole" in the Louvre museums and others, and access to ESMODE Paris. Invited professor of Business School for the master's degree at Nottingham Trent University, NOVAFAPI University, Catholic University of Pelotas, FGV RJ and the University of Vale do Itajaí. Professor at Veiga de Almeida University and Higher School of Advertising and Marketing (ESPM). New Business Consultant in Fashion. Manager of the Contemporary Fashion Course in Paris. She has experience in Education, with an emphasis on Teaching-Learning, working in the areas of consumption, ecodesign, handicrafts, design, fashion.


Dr. Marcelo de Andrade

Co-founder of Earth Capital Partners, private equity investor with a specialized focus on sustainability finance. Founder / President of Pro-Natura International, one of the first International Sustainable Economy Development Agencies in the world. Co-founded the Earth Capital Fund, the first venture capital fund dedicated to investing exclusively in biodiversity businesses in the private sector; Banco Axial / Axial Par, the first financial institution in South America dedicated to promoting investments in the sustainable development sector; Eco Carbon, the first company to specialize in engineering aspects of forest and agricultural carbon sinks, the Pioneer Society, a communication group dedicated to the innovative promotion of sustainable development successes, The Social Capital Group. Member of the BHP Billiton Forum for Corporate Responsibility, DuPont's Global Biotechnology Panel. Procter & Gamble Sustainability Board, Bloomberg New Energy Finance thought leader.

Dr. Eduardo Suplicy

Economist, university professor, business administrator and Brazilian politician affiliated to the Workers' Party (PT), of which he is one of the founders. He is currently a councilor in the city of São Paulo. He was a Senator for the State of São Paulo for 24 years. He has a degree in business administration from the School of Business Administration of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and in economics from Michigan State University (United States), where he also completed his master's and doctorate (PhD). On February 2, 2016, he also received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL / Belgium). Together with Suplicy, they also received the honorary title of urban planner Paola Viganò and the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Maria Conti

Ph.d, Associate Professor, is currently Coordinator of the Knitwear design Lab - Knitlab of the Fashion Design Degree at the Politecnico di Milano. His areas of interest are focused on contemporary design, with a specialization in Knitwear and Fashion Design. He started teaching History of Fashion Design. Research in the knitting design industries has been carried out from the point of view of materials, specifically yarns; that's why he was the curator of the exhibition “Têxtil Vivant. Percorsi, esperienze and ricerche nel textile design ”at Triennale di Milano, from September to November 2014, where the most contemporary innovative research in fabrics, yarns and finishing of textile materials was presented. Founder and Scientific Coordinator of the website / blog www.knitlab.org, he was executive secretary of the Fash-ion Design Degree at the School of Design of Politecnico di Milano. He is a member of LeNS - International Learning Network on Sustainability.

Councilwoman Soninha Francine.

High school teaching and cinema at the School of Communications and Arts at the University of São Paulo. Between 1990 and 2000 she worked at MTV - as a producer, production coordinator, copywriter, program director and presenter. He helped develop, among others, the weekly debate program “Barraco MTV”, which gathered around 20 people of very different profiles around a table. In July 2000, he created a program for TV Cultura for young people - the “ RG ”, which spoke of politics, citizenship, environment, art, culture, education, etc. From 2000 to 2004, it also provided content for the youth area of ​​America Online. His youth media work earned him the title of “Child Friendly Journalist”, granted by Fundação Abrinq. From 99 to 2010 he was part of the team of presenters and commentators of ESPN-Brasil and wrote for ten years a weekly column in the Sports section of Folha de São Paulo. For two years he was a football commentator for the Globo / CBN radio system. In 2005 and 2007, the “best sports commentator” was chosen by voting on the Internet in the Comunique-se Award. He edited a blog at Folha Online and, in 2007, he was part of the program “Saia Justa”, by GNT. He signed a column in the magazine “Vida Simples”. At the invitation of the publishing house Jaboticaba, he wrote the book - “Por Que Sou Budista”. In 2005, together with Raí and Milly Lacombe, he launched the book “Para Ser Jogo De Futebol”, by the same publisher. The publisher Papirus released “Tipo Assim, Adolescente”, an account of a dialogue between Soninha and the psychiatrist Jairo Bouer. In 2004 she was elected councilor in São Paulo. He held the position of Superintendent of Sutaco (Superintendence of Artisanal Work in Communities, of the government of São Paulo) from 2011 to 2012, when he left to run again for the city of São Paulo. In 2015, she was Policy Coordinator for Sexual Diversity at the São Paulo state government. From January to April 2017 she was in charge of the Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance and then took up her second term as councilor.

Prof. Dr. Pedro Roberto Jacobi

He is Full Professor of the Graduate Program in Environmental Science (PROCAM / IEE / USP) at the University of São Paulo. Member of the Scientific Division of Environmental Management, Science and Technology at the Institute of Energy and Environment / USP. Coordinator of the Monitoring Group and Studies on Environmental Governance - GovAmb / IEE. Member of the Council and Researcher at the INCLINE INterdisciplinary CLimate INvestigation Center at USP. Coordinator of the Environment and Society Studies group at the Institute for Advanced Studies at USP. Collaborating Researcher at IEA / USP with the USP Global Cities Program. President of the Council of ICLEI-South America. Member of the Board of Directors of Greenpeace Brasil since 2014


Maria José de Carvalho

Responsible for publications: ITTPress International Top Trends '' The World of Professional Fashion '' - Textília Têxteis Interamericanos - Magazine directed to the Textile Industry and Portal Textilia Net the most complete coverage of the Textile chain.

Maria José de Carvalho, 61 years old, started her career in the textile chain in 1984, with the creation of the agency MJC Técnica de Comunicação - a company focused on communication and market research.

This business initiative gave rise to the MJC | Textília Group - owner of the Textília - Têxteis Interamericanos brands; ITT Press International Top Trends and Portal - Textília Net - Printed and electronic publications, whose mission is to disseminate integrated forms and specialized information, aimed at the professional public of the textile, clothing and retail industry.

Fabio Feldmann
Business administrator graduated from Faculdade Getúlio Vargas and lawyer from the Faculty of Law of Largo São Francisco. Elected Federal Deputy for three consecutive terms (1986 - 1998) he participated as Constituent Deputy in the drafting of the 1988 Constitution, being responsible for drafting the chapter for the environment, one of the most complete and advanced texts on this subject in the world. During his legislative life, he was the author of several laws, covering a wide range of topics such as environmental education, solid waste, batteries, nuclear energy, protection of the Atlantic Forest and underground cavities, environmental impact studies, environmental audits and packaging, among others.
Among the main laws, the Law on the Reduction of Emissions of Pollutants by Vehicles, the National Environmental Education Policy and the Law on Public Access to Environmental Data and Information stand out. In addition, he was rapporteur for important laws such as the National Water Resources Policy, the National System of Nature Conservation Units and the United Nations Framework Convention on Biological Diversity. In 1991 he was appointed President of the Consumer Protection, Environment and Minorities Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and in 1992 he was the head of the Brazilian delegation of parliamentarians at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development - Rio 92.
Recently, it actively participated in the creation of new marine protection areas, and Brazil today has more than 25% of protected areas on its coast. It has also acted in the protection of Brazilian primates, largely threatened with extinction. It has been an important player in setting rigorous standards for the control of pollution from motor vehicles within the scope of the National Environment Council (CONAMA). Feldmann has extensive experience with civil society since he participated in important international and Brazilian non-governmental entities, such as Greenpeace, GRI - Global Reporting Initiative, Fundação S.O.S Mata Atlântica and many others. He participated in important Business Initiatives such as the creation of ISE - Bovespa's Corporate Sustainability Index. Currently, he runs his own consulting firm that works mainly with issues related to the environment and sustainability. His professional experience involves companies and civil society.

Angela Bozzon
ABVTEX Program Manager, in her more than 25 years of experience in fashion value chain management, the executive who specializes in Social Responsibility and fashion sustainability has worked in areas ranging from consulting to product strategy throughout her solid career developed in large corporations. And in the process of continuous evolution of the ABVTEX Program, Angela adds her vision of market demands, proposing improvements and greater integration between the links in the value chain.

Julia Vidal
Graphic and fashion designer, educator and researcher specialized in Brazilian cultural ethnicities. Postgraduate in History - Africa Brazil, ties and differences and master's student in Ethnic Racial Relations, she is the manager of the brand that bears her own name, Julia Vidal: Cultural Ethnicities, and aims to develop fashion and education brands and products that value diversity Brazilian cultural heritage. For 15 years he has been telling stories through thematic collections presented in parades in Rio de Janeiro, Bogotá and London, he signed more than 45 costumes for TV and Stage, like João Donato's, at Rock In Rio, he is a surface designer creating prints in different media exhibited in art spaces such as Casa França Brasil, wrote and illustrated 2 publications, "The African that exists in us, Brazilians: Afro-Brazilian Fashion and Design" and "Quintal Étnico: Afro-Brazilian Colors and Vibrations", is consultant for fashion companies that create products with a Brazilian identity, creates decolonial fashion menus as a professor of the Fashion Design course / graduation at the Istituto Europeo de Design Rio and SP, Universidade Indígena Pluriétnica Aldeia Marakanà and workshops in spaces such as PUC Rio, SPFW , Sebrae, among others. She is awarded the MINC Creative Economy award and recognized internationally with the "Inspiring companies around the world" award by Shell Live Wire.

Carlo Linkevieius Pereira
Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact - UNGC Brazil. Board Member at UNGC. Corporate Affairs. International Relations. Sustainability. ESG. Columnist at Exame.Carlo has over 20 years of experience in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, working in public, private and civil society associations. Not the Global Compact, he is the co-president of the Network Council, leading the Regional Council of Local Networks in Latin America and the Caribbean and integrating into the highest instance of the initiative, the Global Compact Council. Master of Science from USP, MBA in Sustainability from the University of Lüneburg, and specialization in International Leadership Training, from Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit - GIZ.

Nelsa Nespolo
He actively participates in the Youth workers movement - JOC and in the national coordination released in SP from 1983 to 1986; active in the union movement: in Pelotas, from the food factories, in Fortaleza from the clothing factories and finally in Porto Alegre in the food factory and in the union and in the union opposition. She has lived in Porto Alegre since 1989, and served as a delegate and advisor twice for the Participatory Budget. In 1996, they created the Cooperative of Costureiras Unidas Venceremos- Univens, of which she is president, currently with 23 members in Vila Nossa Sra Aparecida in Bairro Sarandi.
Since then, he participates in the Solidarity Economy forums, in the Coordination of a national meeting of enterprises, in the Solidarity Economy conferences and in the national solidarity economy plenary sessions. In 2005, they created the agroecological cotton chain - the Cooperativa Central Justa Trama, which involves 5 regions of Brazil and more than 500 workers in associations and cooperatives, ranging from the planting of organic cotton, spinning, weaving, confection, props from seeds and marketing, being the CEO. She participated in the creation of Unisol Brasil- Central of cooperatives and solidarity enterprises, and currently coordinator of Unisol RS. She was Director of the Department of Incentive and Promotion of Solidarity Economy of the State Secretariat of Solidarity Economy of the Government Tarso - RS– (2011 to 2014) In 2016 they created the Justa Exchange Community Bank with the social currency: JUSTO.
He published the books TRAMANDO CERTEZAS E HOPES in 2014 and THE PLOTS OF HOPE in 2030


Profa. Dra. Sonia Regina Paulino

Bachelor in Economic Sciences (Unesp), Master in Scientific and Technological Policy (Unicamp) and PhD in Economic Sciences (Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse). Post-doctorate at the Center Lillois d'Etudes et de Recherches Sociologiques et Economiques (Clersé) / Université Lille 1 - Sciences et Technologies. She is an associate professor at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities (EACH - USP) and vice-coordinator of the Graduate Program in Sustainability. It operates mainly in the themes: environmental standards, environmental certification, innovation economics, service economics, market mechanisms, sustainable development.

Prof. Ms. James Pedro Nadin

Master in Production Engineering from the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP), Mechanical Industrial Engineer from the Methodist University of Piracicaba (UNIMEP), Postgraduate in Quality and Productivity Administration from the Salesian Colleges, Postgraduate in Pedagogical Training of Teachers from the State Center Technological Education Paula Souza (CEETEPS), Specialization in Management Development by Fundação Dom Cabral. Professor in the Undergraduate and Graduate courses at UNIMEP - Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba, teaching disciplines in the areas of Operations, Services, Management and Quality. Lecturer in Postgraduate courses at UNISAL - Americana, in Strategic Management, Quality, Logistics and Production disciplines. Lecturer in Postgraduate courses at SENAC SP - Piracicaba unit, coordinating the course on Integrated Quality Management Systems, Environment, Safety and Health at Work and Social Responsibility (SGI), having taught in other undergraduate and graduate courses in several Teaching Institutions. Experience as Executive in national and multinational companies, in the segments: chemical, mechanical metal, textile, auto parts, agribusiness, commercial and distribution for more than 30 years in the areas of Administration, Production, Logistics and Quality. Owner of Sirius Consulting, specialist in solutions and improvements in organizational, strategic, operational and integrated management systems (SGI).


Dolly Jain  
Campaign initiator – "Save the Cloth" – Empower woman, Jaipur, India

A passionate Design Thinker, promoting Eco friendly & Conscious Fashion. Your Education - Graduate from International College for Girls (ICG), Jaipur & Post Graduate from National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Mumbai. Industry Experience - 17 Years (Apparel Exports - 3.5 Years + Lifestyle Retail/Visual Merchandising  - 3.5 Years + Sustainable Clothing Business - 10 Years). Entrepreneurship - Founder , Creative Director - Sustainable Clothing Brand - PINK LEMON (Jaipur, India)
MAJOR AREAS OF EXPERTISE :*Designing / Manufacturing & Retailing of contemporary Handmade Women’s Apparel incorporating traditional indegineous Sustainable Hand Block printing & Hand Dyeing techniques. Designing & Manufacturing functional Apparel by using leftover Textile/Fabrics Online Retailing Worldwide of 'Ready to Wear 'Work Wear, Resort Wear, Festive Wear' Women’s wear Apparel under Label ‘Pink Lemon’. on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart. Offline Retailing through Boutique Stores in US , France, UAE & India .
Awards - Chosen & awarded & as one of the 100 Women Faces from India @ Womennovator event in 2018, in Delhi  for creating Livelihood opportunities through Upcycling , (this event was covered by Asia Book of Records). Received Cowe Excellence Awards by Confederation Of Women Entrepreneurs in 2016 - for contribution in Textiles.

Profa. Dra. Lilian Aligleri
Adjunct professor in the Administration Department at Londrina State University (UEL) and current coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Waste Studies (NINTER) at the same University. PhD in Administration from the University of São Paulo (FEA / USP-SP) and Master in Business Management (UEL-PR). Co-author of the books “Economía social y solidaria en la educación superior: un espacio para la innovación” published by Ediciones Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia (2020); "Industrial Management and Sustainable Production" published by publisher Saraiva (2016), "Social and Environmental Management" published by publisher Atlas (2009), "Corporate Social Responsibility - volume 7" published by Editora Peirópolis (2009) and "Ethics and Social Responsibility in Negócios "published by Editora Saraiva (2005), among other diverse academic-scientific works. He has experience in the Administration area, with an emphasis on Sustainability, Recyclable Waste Management and Socio-Environmental Responsibility of Companies.

Ana Sudano
Acting for 20 years in the Brazilian fashion market, she worked as a stylist for fashion
companies. Today, she works in planning, curating and creative direction for BEFW - Brasil
Eco Fashion Week, sustainable fashion week. In addition to consulting in product development
and collection planning, he is a Professor at Senac SP.